Your next property investment opportunity on Main Street in Saint John

Located on the main artery running into the city's core, this two-story fourplex at 100 Main Street will be a handsome addition to your property portfolio or could be home. 

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100 Main Street front
100 Main Street front

Constructed around 1910 (according to city records), this primarily brick fourplex offers sandstone details and large bay windows. Each floor of this two-story structure contains two units with a total of four living spaces. The property has water views from the front and rear of the building. It is also located directly on a Saint John Transit bus route and school bus routes for both the English and French school boards.

The four units consist of:

  • A contemporary three-bedroom apartment with open concept living
  • A two-bedroom apartment with huge master bedroom with open concept living
  • A one-bedroom apartment with den/storage with open flow between rooms
  • A one-bedroom apartment with open flow between rooms

All units are spacious with a full bathroom, including tub/shower combination. A fridge and stove is included with each apartment.

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100 Main Street rear
100 Main Street rear


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